What We Do

We trade physical commodities reliably, efficiently and responsibly anywhere in the world. We add value to natural resources while strengthening  links between producers and end-users.  We supply our customers with the commodities they require when and where they with an exceptional performance across the supply chain.

Trading Operations

Through our oil, metals, power & renewables and agricultural divisions, we are building a global trading operation, connecting counterparties and balancing supply and demand by optimising supply chains and configuring our business around their needs.


Petroleum Products


We market crude oil, petroleum products and LNG globally from a range of suppliers. To support our business, we have access to a range of logistics, blending and storage facilities.

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Base Metals


Base Metals is an important part of our global commodity portfolio and we are focused on running our metals business in a safe, efficient, responsible and sustainable manner.

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Agricultural Products


My Terra’s newly formed Agricultural Division is actively developing our presence in major agricultural origin and destination markets. Our products includes primary food and feed grains, oil seeds, and animal protein.

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Our Products

  • Petrol /Gasoline

Regular 87 RON, Midgrade 89 RON, Premium 93 RON – (United States) 

87 RON,  93 RON
E10 (95 octane) – (European Union)

  • Diesel /Gasoil

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel  (ULSD) 1D, D2 and D4 – ASTM D975 (United States)

EURO 5, EURO 6 – EN 590 (European Union)

ANP A S-10, S-500 (Brazil)

  • WTI, Brent and OPEC

– Light, Medium and Heavy Crude Grades

– 4MM BBL Blending Capacity

– 9 MM BBL Storage Capacity 

  • SPOT & Long-Term SPA DES & FOB Contracts 

– South East Asia
– South Atlantic

  • 20 & 40 ft ISO Containers

Chemical composition: propane (C3H8),  butane (C4H10) 
Vapour Pressure at 40O C in KPa gauge Max: 1,050 Volatility: Evaporation Temp in OC for 95% by Vol. at 760mm Hg pressure max.:  2.0 
Total volatile Sulphur ppm Max.: 150 
 Copper Strip corrosion at 38 O C for 1 hour: Not worse than No. 1 
5 Hydrogen Sulphide: Pass 
Free water content: None 
KCal / Kg(At room temperature): 11,900 
Heat transfer efficiency: 85%


  • Bulk Bitumen

– 60/70 (VG 30)
– 80/100 (VG 10)
– 30/40 (VG40)

  • Packed Bitumen (Drums and ISO Containers)

– 60/70 (VG 30)
– 80/100 (VG 10)
– 30/40 (VG40)

  • COPPER CATHODE 99.9% LME Grade A

 Dimension: 970mm × 970mm × 9mm
Weight: 100 Kg /-2%

Minimum 500 MT per shipment


Types: Ingots, T-Ingots, Sows, Billets
Whigh grade primary aluminium ingot LME P1020A
Weight: 25 Kg 
Melting Point: 1215 Deg C

Minimum 1,000 MT per shipment


  • Bulk Urea Fertiliser N46% (Carbamide)

– Granular & Prilled 

Minimum 12,500 MT per shipment

  • Northfield Prilled Urea 46-0-0 

– 50 Kgs polypropylene Bag
– 1,000 Kgs Jumbo Bag

  • SUGAR ICUMSA IC45, IC 150, VHP IC600/IC1200

– Break Bulk
– 50 Kgs polypropylene Bag
– 1,000 Kgs Jumbo Bag

(Minimum 12,500 MT per shipment)


– Break Bulk 

(Minimum 25,500 MT per shipment)


– Break Bulk

(Minimum 12,500 MT per shipment)



Trading Responsibly

We deliver our products consistently, safely and responsibly. We follow procedures sets by the government of our host countries and the Swiss Federal Authority policies regarding ethically trading. 


We require all trading partners to observe their legal and regulatory obligations, and oppose corruption, market abuse and unethical business practices.

Under our Know Your Counterparty (KYC) procedures, Northfield conduct due diligence for each new counterparty to support our anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies.


Northfield stores petroleum, metal and agricultural products storage is leased from third-party owned terminals situated in key trading hubs.

We conduct Due Diligence Procedure and Storage Approval’ process, including independent inspectors audit the terminal and review all mandatory licences. Our due diligence is repeated annually.



Northfield is required to process certain products to meet environmental regulations, sustainability and optimise costs.

Our processing of complies with restrictions or bans on certain components in the market is is bounded for.  without changing the product composition or its characteristics. Northfield does not undertake chemical treatments.


Northfield chartering policy ensures that we uses only modern, reliable trucks, ships and barges.

All vessels must be Ship Inspection and Reporting (SIRE) certificated with inspections within the previous six months. We only charter  that are less than 25 years old and classified by a member of the International Association of Classification Societies