Renewable Energy will pave the way towards a more sustainable future. We are making renewable energy mainstream.

Since the beggining our business has been fuelled by a different kind of energy. A passionate and driven entrepreneurial spirit sparked by innovative solutions to generate sustainable, safely and cost effective energy to communities acros the globe, delivering excellence that exceed the highest expectations for generating sustainable energy offering a reliable and highly professional full-service of developing, financing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects across the globe.


Our dedicated hydropower team of experts have in-depth industry knowledge, comprehensive financial know-how and an extensive proven track record.


The use of biomass for generation of power is one of the most virtuous systems for environmental purposes and is completely renewable


We in solar energy to produce clean electricity for both industrial and home users. with an increasing emphasis on hybrid renewables for off-grid locations.


We are investing in cogeneration, producing electricity and heating from renewable sources such as waste-to-energy and biogas to electricity projects.