We are working for a clean energy future. Our approach to developing clean energy solutions is entrepreneurial, innovative and sustainable.

Since we began, our business has been fuelled by a different kind of energy. A passionate and driven entrepreneurial spirit for  innovative solutions and to created an energy portfolio of unparalleled diversity. A unique energy that has driven us to safely deliver operational excellence, exceed expectations and become a leading global developer of sustainable and clean energy. 

We partner with major engineering and financial institutions to develop thermal power plants and renewable energy projects offering value coupled with appropriate finance solutions, developing selective investments in new technologies for power generating projects that will open new markets in Africa, Latin America, South East Asia and elsewhere, and keep constantly researching the market for potential acquisition targets and partnerships. 

Our Power Generation Capacity

There is no one solution to the world’s energy needs.When we develop solutions, it means options. Our extensive global experience allows us to think differently. Always developing our expertise and expanding across five key areas.

Our Solutions