Petroleum Products

We source and market petroleum products from a range of suppliersin the main producing regions, using our comprehensive logistics, storage and marketing capabilities.  

LNG & Natural Gas

For many years Northfield has been involved in the power market, which is one of the ultimate drivers for LNG demand. Traditionally, the LNG business has been typified by large scale point-to-point transactions. However, many customers are recognizing the flexibility of LNG as a better replacement for liquid fuels and converting to LNG ISO-tanks. 

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Crude Oil

Our trading offices are located in the major oil trading regions, which allows us to fast identify changing flows and evolving market dynamics. Our knowledge and networking allow us to capture value throughout the supply chain. We have strategically located storage and blending facilities in two of the major crude oil sea-routes. 

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Gasoline and Diesel

Northfield supply gasoline and diesel to clients around the world and is intuitively responsive to the supply and demand dynamics of our customers’ needs. The Precision in our blends and deliveries includes matching the best price. Whether supplying by tender or via the spot market, our clients can rely on our competitive price.

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We have established supply relationships in major bitumen producers in Russia and Oman.  We supply bitumen in bulk, jumbo bags, drums and ISO tanks. We can deliver different grades of bitumen competitively all over the world. Our customers’ requirements are constantly delivered exactly to the right quality to meet their specific needs. This underpins our reputation as a reliable bitumen supplier.

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A strong relationship with producers and consumers is central to the success of our urea business, it allows us to respond efficiently to the requests of our customers and their need. We have an in-depth awareness of market developments through our activities in the agricultural market. We not only provide the delivering on the required specification and on time, but we can also store and packing as per their requirements.

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Our comprehensive understanding of the evolving dynamics of the petrochemical market allows us to be competitive in the trade and distribution of polymers, olefins, and aromatic petrochemical products.  We work directly with producers to offer customers the opportunity to buy at competitive terms with optimum availability and efficiency.

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Middle Distillates

With a global network of offices, we support customers with comprehensive services for the supply of middle distillates through our offices in Lugano, Houston and Singapore. Each of these offices is centrally positioned to attend our customers in their regions. This not only delivers benefits through the application of specialised local knowledge within each region but also enables a wider perspective to optimise trade.

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