our history

We are a group of companies with nearly a century of experience in energy trading and engineering services.

Northfield Group was created with the amalgamation of Northfield Global Limited, PT Hydro Indonesia, Hydrosing Pte Limited and the operations of Hitachi Zohsen in Brazil. 

In 2013 Northfield concluded the acquisition of the Australian engineering conglomerate KPL Group, adding offshore O&G engineering capabilities and 3 strategic fabrication facilities in Australia and Indonesia. 

KPL Group had more than 90 years of expertise in the energy and petrochemical industries. The Group was founded in 1922 in Sydney, Australia with the foundation of W.E. Smith Engineer & Maritime Pty Ltd. by Brigadier Walter Edmond Smith, and has been since its early days, building power plants, petroleum refineries and mining processing plants. 

In 2015, Northfield sold its engineering operations  in Indonesia, Australia and Brazil, to focus on its core commodities trading and power generation business. 

In 2017, the Group acquired My Terra S.A., a Swiss trading company, to house the group commodity trading business and increase its portfolio to include base metals, petrochemicals and biogas. 

In 2019, Northfield acquired a participation in Swiss 4 Energy, a renewable power investment company based in Lugano. With the acquisition of Swiss 4 Energy, the Group became both a strategic investor and project facilitator with a view in developing affordable, sustainable and clean energy to Independent Power Producers, Project Developers and Investors.



NORTHFIELD GLOBAL LIMITED was incorporated as a commodity company in Singapore with focus on trading crude oil.


NORTHFIELD GLOBAL started trading in liquid fuels and distribute LPG across the South East Asia and South Central Pacific regions.


NORTHFIELD GROUP was created with the amalgamation of Northfield Global Ltd, PT Hydro Indonesia and Hydrosing Pte Ltd.


NORTHFIELD acquired Australian based KPL GROUP and started investing in power generating projects across.


NORTHFIELD disinvest from its engineering and fabrication units to focus in trading and power generation. 


NORTHFIELD acquired Australia’s KPL GROUP and started investing in power generating projects across..


NORTHFIELD acquires Maple Power merging the operations of Northfield Power into Maple Power