Our Strategy

We are trading in petroleum products, base metals and agricultural commodities across the world, building in our 100 years old heritage in the energy sector. We maintain our innovating strategy, moving beyond energy and adding agricultural products to our business line.

Global Partnership

We work closely with customers and partners to identify and implement the best solutions for each market. We are committed to long term relationships and strive to offer the best service.

Constant Innovation

We invest in disruptive technologies, developing innovative farming to help food-deficient countries to feed their population while preserving their environment.

Our Commitment

We are committed to making a positive contribution by creating durable benefits for our hosting countries and communities in a responsible, transparent manner and respectful to the environment and the rights of all. Our strategy is focused to:

Responsibly source commodities observing human rights of the indigenous people and the protection of their cultures and environment 

Be a leader in green energy in the developing markets through  investment in disruptive technology that is accessible to all the population 

Source products respecting all the environmental  practices in sensitive areas such as the Amazon and Borneo rainforests 

Our Priorities

Integrity, responsibility and safety in everything we do with sustainability focused choices

Operating ethically and responsibly in countries and communities where we operate

To focus on reducing the footprint of our operations switching to green energy

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