marketing & arbitrage

We source commodities and products from our suppliers in different regions and sell them to customers all over the world. This means we need to transport these commodities by sea, rail and truck, store, process and deliver on time, quality and specification required by our clients.  Because we market commodities from supplier to customer, we are able to add value throughout the supply chain through:

Blending and processing

We can blend and process products to meet the specific needs of our clients and consumers.

Storage and logistics

We can store and ship commodities as needed via our logistics network, adding value and maximising arbitrage.


We are a specialist arbitrage trading company, in other words,  we buy a commodity at a certain price, and sell when it reaches higher price or source it in one place, ship it, and then sell it at a higher price in another location taking into account our costs.

we have are becoming one of the main arbitrage traders in world

MTPA of Arbitrage Trading

trading desks:

Kuala Lumpur