We trade in LPG markets across the world with purpose-built LPG tankers and modern physical infrastructure, including terminals and storage facilities.

We deliver a reliable and constant supply of LPG to distributors and industrial clients utilising pressurised LPG vessels and barges. We have accumulated over the years an in-depth knowledge of the industry which drives our business investments and global development initiatives.

We are expanding our market coverage with the addition of a reliable fleet of different capacities to cater for customers and their needs. We are partnering with producers, gas concessionaire and industrial distributors around the world to ensure fast and efficient delivery of LPG.  Our distribution service is tailored towards consumer’s needs and consumption.



We continue to set the standard for Biogas, LPG and CNG trade reliability. Additionally, we expanding into new markets in Africa and Latin America.

We aim to widen the scope of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) trading in the African, Asian and Latin American markets as its demand is rising gradually. Therefore, we are committed towards moving competitively beyond cultural and geographical boundaries to support our global clients with the latest technology, quality products and efficient services to many homes and businesses around the world. We will continually strive to expand our business by seeking other opportunities