landfill energy

We partner with pioneers in the development of landfill gas treatment in Europe and are striving to continue to develop projects around the world and lead the way in advancement.

We are engaged to provide better energy solutions for the benefit of our environment, customers, employees, stakeholders and communities across the world.

We partners with pioneers and innovative techonology providers to develop a large portfolio of landfill gas (LFG) powered stations in South East Asia, Africa and South America. We process LFG from  decomposing organic matter in refuse tips, treating the methane, carbon dioxide and organic compounds. Monetising gas, which would otherwise be released to the atmosphere or flared. Our projects converts the gas to electricity or biogas, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

We are investing in projects that goes beyond the conversion of gas to electricity, and upgrading LFG and WCMG to green gas or bio natural gas (bioLNG).