business development

Our model is based on organic growth and strategic partnerships both for trading opportunities and assets which can provide market for our producs.

Over the years, our activities enabled us to gain valuable insights into the commodity sectors that are becoming increasingly interrelated. Equally, our strong presence throughout the value chain provides knowledge and identify the path for our continued growth.

Delivering for tomorrow​

Northfield is an independently owned asset owner and physical trading business. We focus on creating long-term value for our customers by prioritising their interests. We ensure we have the resources and the agility to accommodate fluid customer requirements in fast-changing markets. We use our global presence and market knowledge to make trade flow better.

Sustainable outcomes

Our integrated physical trading and logistics operation delivers outstanding service and performance across the product spectrum. We use our market knowledge, logistics and infrastructure to connect the producers, processors and end-users of physical commodities. We source, store, blend and deliver commodities according to precise customer specifications.