Climate change has developed into a key challenge. Bioenergy is a powerful way of switching energy generation into an environmentally sustainable solution.

Swiss 4 Energy partner with leaders in the combined generation of heat and power from biomass. Besides cost efficiency and reliability for industry and communities, environmental considerations are an integral part of our bioenergy strategy.

We have assisted the development of all kinds of biomass plants, such as forest harvesting residues, the by-products of the pulp and paper industry (black liquor, bark, sawdust, sludge, wood waste) and crops (such as rice husk, bagasse, nut shells, cereal straw and other crops), and well as biogas produced from various biodegradable wastes.



Project Development / EPC

Particularly focused, but not limited, on energy and technology sectors, We provide Swiss quality EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and project management internationally.

Hybrid Systems

We specialise in design, simulation, execution of hybrid systems, such as solar photovoltaic + biomass electricity generation + storage, as well as striving to integrate it seamlessly with any pre-existing systems.

Energy Efficiency

We offer 360˚solutions through cooperation with a selective network of international partners which have in common the pursuit of top quality solutions for energy efficiency ambitions.