bioLNG & bioCNG

We continually innovate to deliver tailored solutions for our bioLNG and bioCNG customers to meet their energy needs

Through the production, delivery and supply of bio liquefied natural gas (bioLNG) and vio compressed natural gas (bioCNG), weL provide customers with a viable long-term energy source for power generation and transport, particularly in locations with limited energy infrastructure.

bioNG is biogas formed by the decomposition of organic matter, such as methane, that has been processed to pipeline-quality standards and liquified for transport where there are no pipelines. It’s fully interchangeable with conventional natural gas, and can be used in natural gas-fuelled power stations, industries and vehicles as compressed natural gas (CNG). When used as a vehicle fuel, bioLNG provides a substantial environmental benefit; 85% reduction of C02 emissions relative to diesel and petrol fuel.

We had also developed an innovative haulage system for delivering bioLNG and bioCNG to remote power stations that service mining operations and remote communities across the developing world.