base metals

Our commitment is to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all of our employees is at the forefront of our business activities, decisions and procedures.

Through global alliances we build a trusted network of suppliers, partners and representatives. MyTerra covers a wide array of base metals, alloys and non-ferrous products.

We trade in copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel and tin across the physical hubs of Asia, Europe and the Americas. We specialise in delivering physical commodities straight from the producer to the consumer in a timely manner.

Aluminium Products
We utilise our extensive trading experience to source high quality aluminium alloys ingots.

Copper Products
We source copper directly from major producers in Africa and South America and from approved smelters in Asia.


Base Metals
Aluminium Billets
Aluminium Ingots
Primary Metal Alloys
Copper Ingots
Copper Cathodes
Copper Rods